Celebrating 10 Years

FRANQUILTS celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2013, and what a remarkable decade it’s been. Fran has quilted custom lap and bed quilts, hangings, pillows and fabric products for hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. Using T-shirts, scarves, ties, nightgowns, baby clothes, molas, and more, she's created dozens of quilted products in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of occasions, remembrances and homes.

A Stitch in Time

While she learned to use sewing machines in junior high, and was even graced with her own upon college graduation, Fran didn’t discover quilting until 1990.... It started with a thank you project for her son’s nursery school teachers. The parents wanted to create a lap quilt using painted squares made by the 3-and 4-year-olds. So, with a crash course in quilting from a newly minted quilter friend, she proceeded to sew two brightly colored quilts for the teachers and discovered the joy of making a unique product to be enjoyed for years. She also fell in love with working with beautiful fabrics, colors, patterns and design.

Designing a Future

A few years later, Fran and friends joined a small quilting group in the Silver Spring, MD, neighborhood of Woodside, to improve their quilting skills and to nurture their artistic yearnings. The years with “Woodside in Stitches” were essential for her development as a quilt artist.

When Fran's marriage ended and she thought about what she could do to support her family, she decided she was ready to begin a custom quilt business: FRANQUILTS (Yes, it's both a noun and a verb!)

Start Your Own Quilt Journey

My favorite part of the quilting process is the first meeting with customers—when we explore together what they’ve brought. It could be ideas, old clothing, fabrics, special items, preferences and passions, and we begin to figure out how to make a quilt product that they will cherish. Taking into consideration customer’s wishes, financial considerations and timeline, I then create a unique product to suit them.

I look forward to an opportunity to see how we can work together to make something special and unique - just for you or your loved one. Please explore my Galleries, then bring your ideas, fabrics and desire and we’ll work together to create a FRANQUILTS product you’ll cherish too.

--Fran Meyer